Who we are?

Delivery focussed, innovative thinking technologists who are specialised in Digital App, Integration and API delivery.  

We are a group who have confidence in how things get built and on which platform and therefore we can spend time with you focussing on the outcomes (business or technical) that make your project or idea beneficial and then deliver them with you.

Why greymatterdigital?

greymatterdigital brings over 100 years of Integration and Digital Application strategy, design and delivery experience to the market. 

We are thought-leaders on the best approach to deliver your API, B2B, B2C and Digital App requirements.

We understand the technology and the best way to use it to your advantage.


Digital and Integration projects start and finish with the connection.

  • Connect with you. – Understand what you need and how to bring it to the market.
  • Connect with your Consumer.
  • Understand what they need and why they need you.

And of course the Technical connection of API and Integration through items such as:

  • REST / JSON services
  • Enterprise Integration Platforms
  • Database connectivity 
  • Governance and Management
  • Integration Project Management


Innovation is the expression of improvement referenced against the current state.


Innovation drives you forward to the next level and then asks you to do it again.

We will take your ideas forward, grow them with you and take a fresh view to get there.

We will bring our techniques to your need for Digital Innovation and always centre it with an eye on why? the next idea will provide value and whether it can be taken even a little further.


Trust only comes by delivering on the promise.

We use our methods to deliver your outcome using the potential of your Integration and Digital platforms.

We can look at your projects and structure them for success no matter which point in the cycle you are in.



Not just our methods, they are our values too!

Connect.  Innovate.  Deliver.  Yes they describe how we work with our clients to be successful, they are also the way our team needs to perform within the team.  


Connect. Our team needs to demonstrate that they are connected with current and future trends, our company and our clients and they need to be able to be technical enough to connect into the systems that we will come across as Integrators and API specialists 


Innovate. New ideas are the life blood of any company and any career within our team.  We also encourage our team to look for ideas within the client's needs.  We are an innovative employer and we give our people the opportunity to explore outside of the norm.


Deliver. Deliver on the outcomes needed within the client and also on the commitments made within a professional development plan.  Keep the plan in mind even if you have to tack away and communicate expectations both of what you expect and the expectations you have set.